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Arriving in Buenos Aires again, after a month-long trip in Patagonia I could not believe the news on the TV. Russia invaded Ukraine. War in Europe? My Europe? Our Europe? Wtf? I left a somewhat peaceful Europe and would have to return into a Europe at war. And who knew what the situation would be like when I got there. Oh man, I don't know what the heck is wrong with the world these days. So many problems already and instead of getting together and trying to solve them we are creating even more. So much misery and suffering. All man-made.

I was wondering what John Lennon would say or think if he were still alive today. It has been more than fourty years now that he wrote his song "Imagine" and here we go...

However, whenever I play the song my thoughts are with Mr. Lennon and his vision and I try to send compassion and love to all the ones suffering from wars today. I will continue to make an effort to not get too used to the madness and to not become comfortably numb.


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